Waters Edge United Methodist Church

Waters Edge Logo used in the header
Waters Edge's building is located on a 10-acre expanse of wooded land.

Our building began life as a horse barn located on a 10-acre expanse of wooded land accentuated by huge live oak trees. It was later remodeled into a residence and then a home for wayward boys. Waters Edge added another 1,000 square feet and remodeled the entire structure.

Today’s building consists of a combination sanctuary/fellowship hall, a kitchen, a lobby, handicap-accessible bathrooms, offices, and a conference room. Upstairs there are children’s classrooms, a nursery, a viewing area with speakers, a library area, and a small kitchen. 

As the newly appointed pastor at Waters Edge, I, along with my wife Margaret, am looking forward to serving the congregation and the people of Lady’s Island.

I have been in the pastoral ministry for 18+ years having made the decision late in life to answer the call that God placed on me in my late teens. Prior to this late decision, I had served in various capacities in the laity ministry work within the North Georgia Conference.


Late in 2019 Margaret and I decided to leave Georgia and move to Beaufort, and we have been serving the Allendale Circuit since 2020 and have been blessed by this ministry… but we are now in a new chapter. This new chapter is literally in our backyard, and so I am excited about this new opportunity in ministry! In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, it is a privilege to welcome you to Waters Edge!


Hans J Hamm

What to expect on your arrival

Since our founding, Waters Edge has sought to be a different kind of church. A church where every person is welcomed as a gift from God. Where we love and support rather than judge, and where we are safe to explore who and whose we are.

A heartfelt welcome

So, no matter your geographic roots, gender identity, the color of your skin, your education, political persuasion, or sexual orientation, no matter if you are full of faith or full of doubt, you are welcome.

WHY? Because God loves you and made you … and God doesn’t make mistakes!

Name tags help all to communicate

Just inside the front door, you will begin to meet and greet other people. Using name tags helps avoid the embarrassment of forgotten names and encourages us to talk with and get to know those attending Sunday service. 

This is an excellent place to ask about our children’s programs. Background-checked church members lead both nursery and children’s Sunday groups. During services, the upstairs area is locked to provide additional protection for the children.

Coffee Fellowship
A time to say hello

Freshly tagged, you will enter the sanctuary and discover how coffee and cookies prompt fellowship. Old friends greet each other, and new friends are discovered. Look around, and you will find the dress code informal and the natives friendly.

Our Praise Band leads with uplifting music

Select your seat and then stand. Sounds conflicted, but when the music starts, you will find yourself on your feet and joining everyone in the song. Clap your hands and enjoy the Praise Band. The music is inspirational and will put a smile on your face and in your heart.

Some Annoucements

Early in Sunday’s service announcements are made about upcoming events and items of interest. We get the same type of information through our weekly newsletter. Everyone is encouraged to participate. So, make your choice and sign-up. Participation in the various ministries leads to friendships and happiness.

Children's Time

A unique feature of our service is gathering the children in front of the altar for a biblical message. The teacher often poses questions to the children. Their answers bring smiles or sometimes outright laughter. Note the pastor positioned among his younger flock.


When a sermon is given and relates to today’s world, it is easy to connect the dots between the biblical story and our present environment. Driving home after the Sunday service, I often smile as I contemplate the Waters Edge Sunday experience.