Waters Edge United Methodist Church

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Event Space Available

Waters Edge is excited to announce we are making our facilities available as Event Space. We are confident our offering will appeal to many businesses and community groups in an area of limited venue choices. For more details, contact our office Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at 843-522-1153.


For businesses requiring presentation space, we offer a seating capacity of over 100. The facility includes a food preparation area suitable for beverages and snacks. Additionally, optional audio/visual equipment and personnel arrangements can be made. For smaller gatherings, our youth building serves as an excellent meeting room.


Waters Edge extends a warm invitation to our community, encouraging everyone to utilize our versatile space. We’ve listened to the repeated refrain that affordable venues for celebrations—be it children’s birthdays, wedding showers, baby showers, or anniversaries—are scarce. Today, that narrative changes! We’re eager to connect with you. To facilitate this, we’re offering our event space at exceptionally modest prices.

For those seeking warm-weather activities, explore our outdoor areas and the delightful children’s playground. Additionally, our indoor rooms are at your disposal. Reach out to our office and share your plans. 


Waters Edge's building is located on a 10-acre expanse of wooded land.
Main Building
Presentation Room
Presentation Room
Entrance Foyer
Entrance Foyer
Food Prep
Food Preparation Area
Youth Building
Private Meeting Space
Private Room
Private Meeting Room
Outdoor 1
Outdoor Area 1
Outdoor 2
Outdoor Area 2
Outdoor 5
Playground View 1
Outdoor 4
Playground View 2
Outdoor 3
Playground View 3